Trainers train too!

Clients often ask us when do you find time to workout? I have to be honest for me it is extremely tough to run a business, train clients and still find the motivation to train myself. As trainers we go through slumps too. There has been times where I have been so over whelmed with the business and client… that I’ve gone days without working out,  until I snap out of it and get into the gym and train myself. Recently I have been working out at least 5 days a week on my own. As for Cat and George they never stop working out! (to be young)

Hey, a few months ago Cat, George and I decided that we where going to designate at least 2 times a week that all of us could work out together.

So far we have done a great job of sticking to it   and kicking each others butts. I have to tell you that Cat and George are the 2 most competitive people I have ever been around no challenge is one that can’t be done around them. Today I gave them a workout that I have been doing in my advanced Kettlebell class.

This is how it went.


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