Why Train Monthly?

Why Train Monthly?


There has been much speculation about The Training Floor going into monthly training packages vs selling training by the bundle.

I am here to set the record straight.

Monthly packages are the way to go for two big reasons. Number one when people inquire about personal training they want to change their bodies, their way of thinking and above all feel better about themselves. Realistically that transformation will not occur in twelve sessions or even twenty. That transformation will only occur when you are presented with realistic life style goals. When is the last time you ran into someone that look really great and you asked how did you do it you look awesome? Did they say I bought twelve sessions with a trainer and now I look great? No! First of all their going to tell you how hard they worked and that they have been training for at least three months with their trainer. The Training Floor takes great pride in the appearances of all of our clients and the truth is there is not one of you that can honestly say that you purchased twelve sessions and now here I am!


The Monthly Plan is designed to measure each level of results month by month with a higher level of commitment placed on the client. That’s right each one of our monthly plan will expire after thirty days, sort of a use it or loose it policy. We have also lowered the prices if you analyze each month compared to sessions. So lesser prices but bigger commitment!

Here’s how it works:


Old Package:

Most people who trained twice a week would purchase

Twelve sessions $893 = $74.42 per session


Monthly Training:

Twice a week for one month = 8 sessions each session is $74.40 and your monthly bill is $595.20


Three Months of Training:(electronic funds transfer)

Twice a week for one month =8 sessions each session is $70.40 and your bill each month for three months is $563.20


We even have half hour session and tandem sessions so please look into our Monthly training programs.

For more information please email me [email protected]

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