The game changer

phase 2 people

4/2/12 Show Diet Game changer

Meal 1:          8 egg whites one yoke, one pack of oatmeal, ½ green apples

Meal 2:          8-9oz of grilled chicken, 1 med size sweet potato, veggies, flax seed

Meal 3:          8-9oz of grilled chicken, green salad, sweet potato or half a cup of brown rice

Meal 4:          8-9 oz of chicken or 7oz of steak, veggies with olive oil no more crabs

Meal5:           9-10 oz of fish, or 8-9 oz of chicken, veggies, olive oil

Last meal has to be in by 6pm

If you are still hungry: 7-8 egg white veggie omelets at any time during the night


This is a 1 week meal plan

No Protein shakes maybe added as a replacement

You must drink close to a gallon of water daily. Like it’s your Job.

COOK WITH Pam Spray. Olive oil when heated up past a certain temp becomes a bad fat.

Unlimited Classes