Sugar Beats Fat as Top Concern When Choosing Foods

Consumer attitudes are evolving along with science, a recent survey by NPD, a market research firm, confirms. For decades, fat was the healthy eater’s biggest villain, but last year sugar surpassed it for the first time. According to the survey, 65 percent of Americans indicated they wanted to reduce their sugar consumption, compared to 63 percent who wanted to reduce their fat intake.

Top interests when looking at nutrition facts labels:
1. Calories and sugars are tied for first place with 42 percent of survey respondents indicating they seek out this information.
3. Sodium – 37 percent
4. Fat – 34 percent

The result of this trend is increased consumption of sugar-free or low-sugar products by consumers. Manufacturers are adapting by providing more options, and some are even reducing the actual sweetness levels of their products.

That being said, as a nation, America is still woefully high in its sugar intake.

If added sugar calories make up more than 5 percent of your intake, you need to cut down.

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