Stair Climb Stars

On Saturday, 8 members of The Training Floor tackled the stairs at Trump Parc in Stamford. This group raced up 34 Floors/588 Stairs for The American Lung Association.  Together they raised over 3,000 for the Fight for Air. Parag was the 3rd highest fundraiser and The Training Floor was the second highest company fundraiser. Those who ran again this year all improved their times. Thank you for being the faces of The Training Floor and representing us so well! Congratulations to you all, you did great!
Russ- 4 min 9 sec
Cat- 4 min 13 sec
Jenn- 4 min 36 sec
Liz- 4 min 50 sec
Lisa- 5 min 3 sec
Tara- 5 min 22 sec
Anna B- 6 min 15 sec
Parag- 6 min 54 sec

Awesome job guys thank you for your support!

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