Sneakers of choice at The Training Floor

Trainers at The Training Floor choose

Nike Air Zoom Hot Shot + – Women’s $69.99


I prefer these sneakers because although I was hesitant to buy a shoe with a hole in it, when I run in them they are very comfortable, they keep my feet supported but also very ventilated. As a trainer, and a female, I will admit I do purchase more sneakers and shoes then at times I may need. However I prefer and would recommend these especially for someone who enjoys running. I have some knee problems so running outside on pavement isn’t always an option for me, but when I wear these it alleviates a lot of the pressure and keeps my comfort levels to a point where I can push myself and enjoy a nice workout.



    Trainer Cat Heitz



                               ASICS® Gel-Kayano XIV – Men’s


                                                           ASICS® Gel Kayano 15 - Men's - White/Onyx/Flame

When I put these on it feels almost like I’m putting on slippers. The asic Kayano’s are very comfortable. My toes have the right amount of room, there is not a burn on my ankles from running, and they feel easy on my knees. Kayano’s are even good for training. The comfort in these shoes is unbelievable. I can’t imagine wearing anything else.

    Trainer George Kitmiridis



ASICS® Gel-Nimbus 10 – Men’s $119.99

 ASICS® Gel-Nimbus 10 - Men's - Black/Onyx/Flame

I have a lot of sneakers, my first love is Nike but over the years they have hurt my feet. I have been wearing Asics for the last 2 years and when it’s time for a serious workout that’s the shoe of my choice.

The asic gel nimbus 10 offers a light comfort feel that allows me to training clients all day long. I am not a runner but if I was this would be my shoe of choice. My Nikes are very sexy but when it’s time to workout Asics is my choice of shoe.

-Trainer Ray Boyd


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