Robert Fulton Natural Bodybuilding Show


Saturday June 13 George Kitmiridis went for his second and final bodybuilding show. George came in stronger leaner and more confident. The crowd defiantly received George with great applause’s.  It seemed almost definite that George was going to carepture  a first place in his class, as he flowed smoothly threw his prejudge and personal posing routine. “I feel good my legs are well defined ” said George . But the judges thought other wise as George finished 4th in his class but #1 in our hearts.

George Kitmiridis true champion on Saturday left the show with his head high and a supporting group of at least 20 strong including myself shouting “FREE Greek” We are all proud of George he is always going to be #1  to all of us.

Thanks George!

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Robert Fulton 013

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