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Dear Ray,

I’m really interested in improving cardio, strength. In the UK, I raced motorcycles (asphalt) and I want to do the same here and want to use this as a way to get ready. I also need to work on my agility.  I’m very right side bias. UK race circuits are right handed which is fine.  Over here they are mainly left handed circuits and I tend to crash though lack of speed in transition or strength. I do have a few injuries from racing which limit some movement –  I dislocated my knee 4 times last year, which means deep swats are hard or cause problems.  I also damaged my back, which is sensitive in extension.    I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates for the last 8 months to build up my core to help with my back.  I’ve also dropped about 70lbs (which I want to continue to work on).   I’m by not hugely limited – I wanted to point that out as I know when exercises inflame the injuriesI was looking on Youtube at TRX, which I wasn’t familiar with in the UK and it looks very appealing, but am open to any suggestions. I tend to cycle a fair bit in the summer as well – so I’m looking for something that will work other areas than that. I was also looking for something more evening or weekend based.


Russ worked with George for almost 2 months.

Hey George,

I’ve just got back from the dualthon
Just wanted to say a big thanks – leg strength was good and recovery between transitions was good also.

My time was better than i thought with a sub 1hr 20mins.  i managed to beat the two more experienced guys i went with by 5 and 15 mins.
Results aren’t posted yet – but if its anything like last years times, I would be in the top 20 for my age group – and in the overall top 150 out of 650 entered.

I certainly would’nt have been near this without your help !


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