This time of year is CRAZY to say the least. Hopefully you all read the newsletter on Sunday and have focused in one a goal- for yourself, your family, your kids. Whatever your reason for the season is to keep working out!

Sit back, make a fire, sit with loved ones and enjoy the holiday season (without OVERendulging :))

Here are some quick tips to help you remember to RELAX!!!

1. enjoy a light healthy snack– how often do we run through the day and realize I DIDN’T EAT! Slow down!!! Remember your diet and that your body needs fuel!

2.get your workout in– release the natural energy- you don’t need anything but oxygen to wake that body up! Caffeine is not the answer, a good 20-30 minutes of cardio is!!

3.GET SOME SLEEP!– the presents will get wrapped, the kids will be on time for school even if you make their lunch in the morning quickly, allow yourself the time to unwind at night and get the rem sleep your body so desperatly needs especially when overloaded with stress.

Don’t try to force it- ever heard of not watching the pot boil? the more you toss and turn and are running around trying to remember every single last thing but “not stress” the worse it will be, try to slow yourself down and take a moment for YOU just to sit. read. stretch.

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-Trainer Cat Heitz

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