9 ways you can push yourself through a workout

1. Visualize Results: Use this as motivation to help you keep going. For example when I was trying to get in shape for our recent trip to Costa Rica, I would picture myself on the beach wearing a bikini. Or even worse, having to chase after my toddler in my bikini! Almost always I would run a little further or do a few extra squats and sit-ups.

2. It’s Only Temporary: Remind yourself you are only doing this for a short amount of time. This works great for me in yoga when I am struggling to hold a pose. I remind myself that this is the only time today I will be doing this pose and I find myself pushing myself to bend a little more.

3. Workout with a Trainer: A trainer can be a great way to get started on a workout program or get back on track. A trainer will also encourage you to push your limits.

4. Workout with a Friend or In a Group: It’s fun, motivating, and can bring out the competitive side in you! When exercising with friends, you are more likely to push yourself to keep up the pace and the time passes quicker. If your friends are busy try out a group fitness class.

5. Get Distracted: Have something on your mind? Exercise can be a great way to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

6. Try Something New: Adding variety to your workout routine can be an exciting and encouraging way to push yourself. Maybe you’re sick of the gym? Try exercising outside for a change. You can also mix up the speed you do exercises or run. For example do one set of squats normal, do the set fast. Or sprint 1 minute, walk 1 minute.

7. Music: Studies have shown that music can increase your motivation which will lead to a longer and more intense workout. Also its helps with distraction!

8. Make it Fun: It’s fun to make up a game when the workout gets tough. For example pretend that you are in a race or try picking an object in the distance, such as road sign or tree, and run until you get to that point. When I’m on a run and it gets hard, I pretend like I’m climbing a mountain. I imagine that I’m almost to the top of the mountain and that the hard part will soon pass.

9. Remember your Goals: Use your goals to help push you through a tough workout. You can even make it mantra. For example repeat to yourself “I will get fit

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