Product of the week!

Product of the week:  What do we eat, use, or just have to have? Here are some of our favorite products, we aren’t spokespeople for these products but we like them or we think they are a healthy choice.  What are some things you use or eat that you have to have?  Your thoughts can help others, so please share!


·         Pure, clean and free of contaminants found in most spring waters

·         Unsweetened and non-carbonated

·         Contains no calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners; no artificial flavors, chlorine, bromate or nitrates

·         Hint of fruit flavor provides clean and healthy refreshment

·         Can be found at most grocery stores cheaper than sports drinks.


·         Portion controlled individual packets are portable

·         Saves time, just grab it add to a rice cake or whole wheat toast and go

·         Tastes great and a good alternative to peanut butter

·         Can buy individual packs at Whole foods or bulk at

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