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I am getting married in October and the day I got engaged I promised myself that I would loose 15 pounds before my wedding.  Six months quickly passed and I had not lost a single pound!!! At this time my routine was to take a class or two at the Training Floor each week and when I felt like I had an extra dollar or two I would sign up for a random personal training session.  Needless to say I was hardly motivated.  I am the kind of person that will try almost any diet or exercise routine for a week and if I do not see immediate results I quickly become discouraged and quit.  When I heard about the Phase I diet plan that was being offered at the Training Floor I knew immediately that I would give it a shot, in the back of my mind I was not expecting much from myself.  I met with Cat and designed my first eight week menu.  At first I was disappointed in the limited variety of foods that the plan allowed me; I tried to talk Cat into adding some “tasty treats” into the program however she reminded me that it was these “tasty treats” that caused me to have the extra weight.  I left the Training Floor a bit discouraged, however I decided to give it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised that eating every two hours immediately made me feel more energized.  I was not falling asleep at the end of a work day and I had the energy to squeeze in an extra class in the evening even if I had done a training session in the morning. Preparing meals was not as exciting as it had been in the past, however I have quickly learned to use seasonings other than ketchup and barbeque sauce to make my dinners tasty and satisfying.  I can now have chicken for dinner a few nights of the week and prepare it with healthy flavorings such as lemon juice and vegetables, or a Mrs. Dash rub rather than having a thick creamy sauce and a side dish of pasta.   During the first week of Phase 1 I lost five pounds and was extremely motivated!!! After the first week the weight loss has slowed down to just a pound or even just a few ounces a week, but I feel motivated that the numbers are moving in the right direction.  I have increased the number of classes and personal training sessions that I am doing each week at the Training Floor and my endurance and strength have improved as a result.  My clothes are fitting better and people have begun to comment on my weight loss.  All of these rewards have been great but knowing that I am going to be healthier and in better shape when I walk down the isle in three months has been the best reward of all!!!!

Kristi Kniehl

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