Only 3 Days Until His Show


With just 3 days out until Fitness Atlantic Muscle-mania, George Kitmiridis is flying high. He has passed the worst of his diet and seem to be in better spirits. You should have seen the look on his face today when I told him he could add 3 rice cakes to today’s diet…..

From this point on it’s all about the diet, there is nothing he can do in the gym except stay motivated that is going to make a difference for Saturday’s show. But the hard part comes in to play now , How much carbs to add that will make him look his best on Saturday! Too much carbs and he could look his best on Sunday or even Monday morning, too few and he could never reach his peak. I told you guys before “it all comes down to timing” . Regardless there is no stopping trainer George Kitmiridis as he was quoted 2 nights ago in a posing session” I look the best I have ever looked in my life”. With that type of confidence Saturdays show is in for a big treat.

Let me know how you feel about Georges Carbohydrate intake:

Should I add more tomorrow ?

Should I wait until Friday and load him with sweet potatoes and dates?

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