Jumping Rope Can Help Curve Your Appetite

Jumping Rope, Disturbing Gut Hormones

A Japanese study, published in the February issue of Appetite, found that the up-and-down motion of certain exercises like jumping rope disrupted appetite-regulating hormones released by the gut. Exercise that involves vertical movement may curb hunger even more than other exercise, researchers said, since it causes greater gut disturbance, which may promote the appetite suppression that generally occurs with exercise.

Researchers monitored appetite gut hormones and surveyed hunger rates of 15 men who, depending on the day, either jumped rope or rode a stationary bike. They found that 25 minutes into exercising, the men were less hungry and craved fatty foods less after jumping rope than after cycling. “Taken together, our results suggest that aerobic exercise, particularly rope-skipping exercise, may regulate the desire to eat fatty foods, and thus improve dietary behavior regarding fatty foods in adults,” the researchers told my health news daily.

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