Is your trainer a super human?


1. a person or thing that trains.
2. a staff member on an athletic team who gives first aid and therapy to injured players.
3. a person who trains athletes; coach.
Personal Trainer:

a person who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen.
advisor, tutor, guide, mentor, teacher
“When do you workout? It must be a gazillion times a day!”
“How do you DO that???”
“You make it seem so effortless.”
“I’ll never be able to do that! You must workout 3 hours every day to get there!”
Fellow Trainers how often have your clients discouraged themselves and or asked you how in the world YOU, yourself train? Clients out there- have you ever asked your trainer any of these? Maybe looked at George’s abs and gawked thinking I could NEVER do that.
Are we superhuman? Do we work out a trillion hours a day?…(I think we’d run out of time for you then wouldn’t we?! :))
Let’s find out- I asked a range of trainers of varying ages and locations what their personal workout regiment is.
George Kitmiridis (age 26)
I work out 5 to 6 days a week. I change it up all the time. Sometimes I’ll do total body one week then do specific body parts another. Change is good. Its usually in the afternoon when I don’t have clients. I’ll weight train for about 45 min to an hour and the do about half hour of cardio. I don’t like to run so I substitute it with jump rope and some plyometrics. Sprints are also great but just like everyone else I have those lazy days. Those l opt to walk on a treadmill with an 8 incline at 3.7 to 4mph.
Lucas Gould (age 20)
I Run 2-3 miles 5 days a week in the woods, weather permitting. I do resistance training (5-6 days a week) its usually upper body/core one day, lower body/limbs the next. I use more out-of-the-box natural props like cinder blocks, body weight, chunks of wood, chains, tree branches and plates. All my workouts end up being martial arts related somehow. Some days I will set aside for purely plyometrics but I always have to sneak in a few push ups. In addition I also do martial arts 4-5 days a week for about 3 hours. Some days I just say “screw it” but feel that’s acceptable occasionally because sometimes you have to rest. I recently took a week and a half off for a dislocated shoulder and I feel totally recovered. It was tough to not train though.
Julie LaFerrera (age 29)
I workout 4-5 times a week but try to be active when I am not “working out” officially. Since I am training for the Fairfield Half marathon, I have focused a lot of my training time to running. I run 3-4 quality runs a week. Usually, 1 maintenance easy run, 2 hard runs (intervals or hills) and 1 long run (started at around 6 miles, up to 9 now). When I am not running, I try to mix up the resistance training. I am on the bosu alot, even when just watching tv. I try to fit in a 20 minute resistance training session on my breaks at work. Since my time is limited, I use compound exercises to get the most bang for my buck. Sometimes I will include myself as a partner with clients if I didn’t have time to get in a workout on my own time. I try as hard as I can to practice what I preach! But, I am only human. I try not to beat myself up over decisions I have made, or failed to make, with exercise, diet and life in general. Just as all of you I do my best, and always aim to be better.
Cathy Connell (age 35)
Trainers are human just like their clients and therefore, there are days we work really hard and self motivate and then we all have those days when we look to others for motivation or partnership in the gym to get through a tired spell. The beauty of being a trainer is that you are “in the zone” while working in a gym so there is more access and/or less possibility of skimping out. Plus trainers love what they do so they want to work out and represent their business.
I have seen both sides of every aspect: been a trainer, been a client.. Been motivated and also unmotivated.. Been overweight, been in peak shape.. 
I do 4-5 days of cardio, anywhere from 2 miles to 5 miles each session. I also resistance train 4 days a week, usually total body on each day combining a few days of moderate to heavy lifting mixed with a few days of light lifting for higher reps to burn Cal’s/tone and create muscular endurance. Recently rediscovered the outdoors so trying to do more outside in the nice weather- jogging, Body weight exercises at the park. I like swing sets!! 🙂 Tons of stuff can be done at the children’s playground; if we all acted like we did when we ran around as kids, we’d all be in better condition..
I could write a whole other lecture on the mental, emotional, physical connection after having recently been down that road myself after breast cancer. Chemo did not slow me down, but letting my emotions get the best of me mentally and emotionally sure did! We all have those rough times but exercise can even it all out.. See ya at the gym or the park. I’ll be the girl bur-peeing her brains out…:D


 As you can see, pending on age, and goals every trainer is different. We may not be perfect but we are always improving. When we get better, you get better.
Fitness is a choice and a lifestyle.
We live it, breathe, and practice it everyday as we hope you do as well.
Superhuman we may not be; but we’d like to think we’re up there. 😉
Stay Fit.
-trainer Cat Heitz 

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