How’s George Doing?

new-boxing-005With 6 weeks until his natural body building show trainer George Kitmiridis is pumping hard.

179lb from 183lb last week

6% body fat from 8.2% last week

George has gone threw phase 1 of his meal plan with flying colors.

Phase 2 gets a little tougher :

7 meals a day , no fruit at all and no carbohydrates after 2pm

This phase is the real deal , pay close attention to the incredible shrinking man as George increases his protein and depletes most of his carbohydrates from his menu.

Phase 2 is temporary like all extremely low carbohydrate diets should be,

Side effects: low energy, loss of strength, drop in appetite, possible mood swings (client beware)

During this carbohydrate depletion phase , I will have a closer if not actual look at how George will be the day of his show.

 The bbodybuilding diets are all about timing, George will deplete his carbohydrates 4-5 days before his show and then load up on his carbohydrates the day before and the day of his show, shocking his muscles and blood stream causing a muscular and vascular effect. The trick is to pin point the exact time of day to increase the carbohydrates for a maximum results. Depending on his body type we have a 1 and 3 chance. George could look better the day before the show , the day of the show or the day after.

Words from George:

My biggest challenge so far is getting threw the weekends, I have to be up at 5:30 am everyday  and eat even when I don’t have a client. Sometimes I wake up make my eggs and oatmeal and then go back to sleep. I also get tired of cooking and cooking and cooking.

Tricky but that is the nature of the sport.

Let me know what you think.

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