How do you measure your year?

Go Jenn!

How do you measure your year?
Some people count their year as 12 months, or 4 seasons, by a special birthday or event, or even by a tragedy such as a death.  I don’t! I measure my year by my successful and failed endeavors. I measured 2010 by completing my first half and full marathon and by changing the way I live life.  Each year of our life we are reminded of many things that on a day to day basis create who and what we are and what we might become.
Did you ever stop and think about where you were just one year ago?  Here’s my story.
I was an overweight child. I was an overweight teenager. And I was headed on the road of being an overweight adult.  I always felt I was doomed because of family genetics and I believed that I would always be the way I was.  I tried and did lose weight, but not the right way.  I starved myself to look great on my wedding day and I went to the gym and used the equipment but never saw a change. I battled with food and gave into temptations.  My weight began to creep up again.  One day, I came across an old friend who owned a gym.  He urged me to try one workout with him. I drove to Stamford the day after Easter in 2009, not realizing that one workout at The Training Floor would change my entire world.
For the first time, I was held accountable for my actions and I had someone to support me. With regularly scheduled workouts and a workout journal I was armed with the best possible plan. I added yoga and boxing to my workout routine and I lost weight, I became stronger, I was happy!
Then, on January 1, 2010 I decided I was going to run a half marathon.  I registered that day!  I had no plan, just a tiny voice in my head that told me that I could do anything I wanted. The voice came from my trainer Ray, who pushed me every week to do things I thought were impossible.  I listened to that voice.
I ran my first half marathon.  I was proud of myself but still not fully satisfied. Could I be better than that?  One day another trainer at The Training Floor, Cat asked me to compete in a duathlon with her.  “Ha, fat girl on a bike” was the first thought that came in my head. I knew I wasn’t fat but after being fat for so long, it was hard to see the real me on the outside.  So, I did it.  Without much thought I went out and bought a bike and began training.
I’m not sure how I got there but I knew I had someone with me and I could not let her down. I knew I had people watching me and routing for me. I put on my Training Floor t-shirt with the hope it would bring me super powers, it did. I felt like I represented more than myself, but a place and the people who got me there.  I had to do it!  It is amazing to me how one place, a gym no less could change your life. The Training Floor is so unique because you truly feel like you belong and things just got better. I found more people interested in races and we formed a great support system.  For the first time, I had people believe in me and I began to believe in myself.
So, I measure 2010 by recognizing the over 15 races that I was in and the courage I gained by starting something and finishing it.  I measure my year by finding myself and my inner athlete.  I have made a lifestyle change and will never go back. I have gained a sense of pride, determination, and love for myself. I gained friendships with people who are positive influences and supporters.  I learned you can do anything if you believe and have someone who believes in you. Finally, life is a journey and you make it your own, you have to have fun and love what you do and hopefully you can inspire a few people along the way.

Jenn Holcomb

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