Heart to heart with Cat

Despite your religion and whether you celebrate Easter this time of year; I think we can all agree it’s one of those times when family and friends all come together and cherish one another.

I wanted to share a bit of my life with my training floor family community today. For me 2010 was not just another year where I made a resolution and let it slip by. It’s now April 3rd and I have since January dropped 5% body fat, improved my pull-ups from 5 to 18 at one time, and gotten my drive to run (as much as my knees will let me and trust me…some days are better than others) and be the best I can be for not only me but for you as well. What was your resolution have you stuck to it? Have you made any progress?? Tell us! Let us help!

  • In 2010 I want to be able to do a muscle up that is one goal…been slowly working on my  pull-ups and strength for that.
  • I also wanted to challenge myself with something that put me out of my element: May 23rd I will be participating in a duathalon and 17.4 miles on a bike on top of 6.2 miles of running around itDOES intimidate me. (although I did recruit Jenn and Chris to join :))

Everyday we work with all of you, we chat, and we merge our lives together. I train my clients to be the best that they can be, and then some but many of you don’t even realize what AMAZING SHAPE YOU ARE IN!!!

  • Today Nadene and Alicia got called out by Ray and dropped down and with ease did a turkish get-up with 45lb kbs.
  • Yesterday Sue ran her legs to jelly for an hour with me in her session and despite everything was found outside walking around Stamford this morning AFTER working a night shift at her restaurant.
  • Nicole S. just wanted to feel good about herself but now she is training, taking classes AND, signed up for a warrior dash with me in September because she has become a WARRIOR!!
  • Maria C. today did a whole kettle bell routine with a 35!
  • Dan pushed Ray, myself, and 2 45lb plates on the sled!

The list could go on for days the stories and wonders we experience daily!

Marci asked me the other day, “What’s with all the fitness challenges and being so active lately?”


The other day I was talking with Ton and was asking him if he really thought I could pull off the duathlon, his response was immediately, “Cat are you serious? You are in great shape.”

Did you know that him saying that to me blew me away??

I tell all of you that all the time and encourage you so much sometimes it’s hard to remember what I’m capable of too! It being all about you drives me, so 2010 I’ve decided to not only push you to the limits but I will be right there by your side; not just on the side lines but in the race. Count me in!

Have a blessed and bountiful Easter from Your Training Floor Family Community.

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