Fruits and Vegetables – Why You Should Make an Extra Effort to Eat More


We all know that fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in protecting the body from disease. The current recommendation is to consume 5 servings a day – 3 vegetables and 2 fruit. Sadly, the majority of Americans don’t even come close.

A recent meta-study, conducted across the pond in the UK, has found that while 5 a day is a good way to reduce your risk of disease and early death, even half that amount will confer health benefits.

If you think it is too difficult to eat so many fruits and vegetables, start by making sure they are a part of every meal and snack.  A banana counts as a serving. 3 heaped tablespoons of broccoli are a serving. A side of dark leafy vegetables counts as a serving. Don’t give up.

The study further found that doubling down on five-a-day, and increasing it to 10 servings a day, will reduce risks as follows:

  • heart disease – 24 percent reduction in risk
  • stroke – 33%
  • cardiovascular disease – 28%
  • cancer of any type – 13%
  • premature death – 31%

If you are eating vegetables and fruits, make sure to eat the rainbow, and to vary your choices. Each plant has slightly different nutrient and antioxidants. The variety is will provide you maximal health “coverage.”

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