Forskolin, the Belly-Fat-Burning Scam

There is no magic cure for obesity, no secret food or pill that will burn your fat off, and no shortcut to take in order to lose weight. Despite this, every few years, a new magic spell is cast on gullible dieters, often aided by charismatic presenters and slick marketing.

One recent example is Forskolin, an herbal extract from mint-like plant. It was featured on the Dr. Oz show as a miracle fat burning solution. To demonstrate how fast the product works, Oz lit up a paper model of a belly that instantaneously went up in flames.

The TV segment complies with the 3 pillars of scamming people out of their money:
1. Snake oil
2. Snake oil salesman
3. Smoke and mirrors.

Forskolin has not been proven to be a safe or effective weight loss or fat burning supplement. The few studies cited by Dr. Oz, supposedly proving the efficacy of forskolin, were tiny (only 15 men or 23 women), lasted 12 weeks, and the subjects did not lose weight!


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