Fit Fam- 101 ways to become one!

Technology runs our lives, our children, and our households now a days.

Convenience is the key word for families and being active, there are MANY ways to burn calories while at the same time create wonderful childhood memories, and more importantly HAVE FUN!!

  1. Plant a garden
  2. Explore a state park
  3. Roller skate
  4. Shoot baskets
  5. Play catch
  6. Take walks after dinner
  7. Clean the house in time to music
  8. Join in a parade
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Do stretches
  11. Toss a Frisbee®
  12. Go swimming
  13. Join a family gym
  14. Play tennis
  15. Walk to school together
  16. Play volleyball
  17. Clean up your yard
  18. Go on a picnic
  19. Take dance lessons
  20. Go camping
  21. Do aerobics
  22. Walk on the beach
  23. Go hiking
  24. Go canoeing
  25. Ski
  26. Play soccer
  27. Take up yoga
  28. Do jumping jacks
  29. Act out plays
  30. Take bike rides
  31. Take walking tours of historic sites
  32. Play touch football
  33. Do pull-ups
  34. Go bowling
  35. Water ski
  36. Have a snowball fight
  37. Go sledding
  38. Build a tree house
  39. Set family fitness goals
  40. Ice skate
  41. Build a snow house
  42. Go fishing
  43. Walk through the zoo
  44. Do a home decorating project
  45. Play tag
  46. Go horseback riding
  47. Lift weights
  48. Make snow angels
  49. Work in a community garden
  50. Do push-ups
  51. Take karate lessons
  52. Play paddle ball
  53. Walk with pedometers on
  54. Wash the family car
  55. Paint a family mural
  56. Attend a local fair
  57. Jump rope
  58. Invent your own active games
  59. Play hide and seek
  60. Bounce on a trampoline
  61. Play hopscotch
  62. Toss around a beach ball
  63. Build a snowman
  64. Walk a circuit around the mall
  65. Run an obstacle course
  66. Play miniature golf
  67. Walk on stilts
  68. Have a water balloon toss
  69. Exercise at home to music
  70. Walk to the store
  71. Clean out the garage
  72. Play table tennis
  73. Visit a farm where you can pick fruit
  74. Walk the dog
  75. Go to the local playground
  76. Learn a new sport
  77. Play badminton
  78. Participate in fund-raising walks
  79. Race each other in the swimming pool
  80. Work out to exercise video tapes
  81. Play horseshoes
  82. Have a squirt-gun battle
  83. Walk or jog for short trips
  84. Try a kickboxing class
  85. Have fun at a batting cage
  86. Go on an art gallery tour
  87. Keep an exercise log
  88. Have a window-washing party
  89. Play racquetball
  90. Play softball
  91. Have races (give youngsters a head start)
  92. Give fitness-oriented gifts to each other
  93. Have a Hula Hoop® contest
  94. Take a nature walk
  95. Hold a family treasure hunt
  96. Learn to juggle
  97. Fly kites
  98. Wash and dry dishes by hand
  99. Check out new family fitness ideas on the Web
  100. Join in a neighborhood clean-up
  101. Enjoy more family fitness activities by cutting down on TV, video game and computer time



No more excuses! Get out and go burn some calories with the family!


-Trainer Cat Heitz

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