Fit by the 1st

You have to take a look at this! Give our new program a try. Fit by the 1st. The program entails 8 weeks including a nutrition program, 2 personal training sessions a week, and 3 classes a week. We guarantee that by the end of our program if your goals are not met, we will refund you your money!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Program Begins November 1st and ends with a final weigh in January 8th
  • 2 one on one personal training sessions per week, 3 classes a week and phase 1 nutrition plan.
  • Top male and female clients to show the most results that will be measured by weight loss on top of decreased body fat will receive a  number of prizes at the end


  • sessions will be scheduled with a trainer, if you must cancel you must give that trainer  24 hour notice of cancellation or reschedule for a time within that same week
  • classes you must sign up for ahead and if you must cancel and or reschedule for another class during such week you must give 6 hours notice
  • if you do not cancel or reschedule the session or class within the terms above you will lose that said session or class
  • you must sign YOUR personal sheet after each session and class you take at TTF so there is a written record of your presence or you will not receive credit for said session or class
  • Follow your customized diet to the best of your ability, do not cheat yourself
  • Considering the holiday season there are a set 5 days excluded from this program
  • December 24, 25, 26, 31 and January 1st
  • 2 sessions a week are available to you, they cannot roll over week to week, same goes for the 3 available classes a week
  • If classes or sessions are missed during these dates and these said dates only they can be made up within the last week of the program that being January 2-8th
  • 16 personal training seession, 24 classes and a phase 1 diet
  • 2 personal training sessions per week regularly $180 now $120
  • 3 classes per week regularly $60 now $25
  • Phase 1 regularly $75 now $40
  • All of this would normally cost you $1,995 ! 

  • Your price is $1,224  or 2 payments or $635

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • If you follow all above Terms and Condition and by the end of your 8 week Fit by the First program are not satisfied with your results and have not met your set goals we will refund your money 100%
  • If you miss a scheduled session and or class you do not qualify for the guarantee
  • If you do not follow your assigned diet to the best of your ability you do not qualify

Unlimited Classes