Eating Well is NOT Enough, Stress Can Ruin Your Health

Are you eating healthfully but not seeing any results? There may be more at play than just your food. According to research conducted at Ohio State University, people under stress show higher markers of inflammation compared to people who are less stressed.

In a study conducted on 58 healthy women, the effects of previous day stress followed by a high fat meal were studied. Those who ate a meal high in saturated fat had higher levels of tissue inflammation compared to those who had a meal high in unsaturated fats. This is to be expected.

However, when stress was factored in, women under stress had the same high levels of inflammation, regardless of the type of fat they consumed. Inflammation can lead to heart disease and other maladies.

This means that eating healthy is not enough and we need to take care of body in additional ways. Great ways to reduce stress are getting more sleep, exercising, and various meditation techniques.

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