Do not get discouraged!

Have you been working out and feel like you have been working really hard and not meeting your goals?  Feel discouraged?? Well your not the only one. There are many of us out there like that. It even happens to the best of us. Whether its weight loss, putting on muscle, or conditioning. We all go through it. Just remember one thing when you have a goal, it doesnt happen overnight. You have to work for it, want it, and feel that you will meet it. A lot of times we just get frustrated because things aren’t going as fast as we want them to or not seeing the gains that we want. There for we get discouraged and feel like giving up. DONT!! Keep it going. You have to have a drive. If you have that drive and feel that you WILL meet your goal then it will happen.

My client Alicia has been training with me for 6 1/2 years and she has had her ups and downs. She would lose weight, gain, weight and so on. She worked hard but she didnt really feel or set her goals in her head. You can just say these are my goals and think you are gonna reach them. It doesnt work that way. Alicia was discouraged for a while. She had a crazy work schedule and a family to take care of and support. The more frustrated she got, the more discouraged she was to come and reach her goal. Alicia was at her all time low. But I stayed on her all the time and helped her really feel she can reach her goal. Finally it clicked. She did a total 360. We sat down and talked about what she really has to do.
    Alicia now finds the time whether its taking a class, working with me 2-3 times per week or goin for a run. Now she feels and wants it. Her strength and conditioning have gotten so much better; and she also has gone down in a great amount of weight and counting. She has been happier than ever and she keeps working harder.
     Everyone has there own goals and you all can meet them. Do not look at what other people can do. You maynot going to squat 400lbs like the big guy in the gym or do 50 burpees without breaking a sweat. But you can work up to it or set a goal that is a challenge for you.

_George Kitmiridis

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