Dieting Increases Your Chance of Obesity

A new study from Australia is creating a frightening buzz in weight loss circles. Compared to people who did not diet at all, those who went on a diet had double the chances of being obese one year later. If a person went on a diet twice or more during the year, their chances of obesity tripled! These finding are the result of surveying close to 9000 Australians in 2009 and 2010.

Does this surprise you?

It shouldn’t. For many people, dieting is a temporary state of caloric restriction. In plainspeak – a few months of suffering in order to reach a certain weight goal. However, this strategy almost always backfires. Even the strongest-willed individual will break at some point and revert to the “regularly scheduled program”.

The correct approach to weight loss should be a lifestyle change that is at the very least bearable, might we even say enjoyable. For every change you make in your eating habits, ask yourself if you see yourself living like this for the next 25 years. Permanently.

If the answer is no, it’s back to the drawing board. Perhaps your weight loss goal is too aggressive and you need to lose just half a pound a week instead of 2. Maybe instead of going cold turkey on soft drinks you can alternate days. Any sudden change can backfire. Only you can figure out what works for your body and soul.

Have you figured out your life change strategy?

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