Do Diet Soft Drinks Increase Your Chances for Stroke, Dementia?

Last week, a research paper published in a scientific journal generated substantial fear-mongering headlines across the web and social media. A cohort study found positive correlation between consumption of artificially sweetened beverages and stroke and dementia. According to the study, people who drink diet sodas daily have three times the risk of stroke and dementia compared to people who rarely drink them.

Does this mean that drinking a Diet Coke will lead to stroke?

Not necessarily. That’s because correlation does not mean causation. It could be, for example, that people already inclined to be overweight or ill, decide to drink diet beverages.

Does this mean that Diet Soda is a good alternative to sugary soda?

Sorry, no. There is plenty of evidence that diet soft drinks won’t help you lose weight. More importantly, the artificial sweeteners in diet beverages harm the gut microbiome. There is also some evidence that artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic.

Stick to water. If you are drinking diet cola on a daily basis, breaking your addiction may be one of the hardest things you will ever do; it will likely be very rewarding as well. Try it, and let us know!

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