Did you know?…

Here are some tips that promote weight loss on top of your exercise routine and consistent diet that may interest you!

  • Red pepper and cinnamon reduce cravings – go ahead, kick up the flavor of your foods. Add red pepper to your eggs, soups, etc. And don’t forget a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning oatmeal!
  • Eat breakfast – we’ve heard this one so many times, but for some reason, people are still not eating breakfast. We’re all busy. We all have schedules and places we need to be, but with a little planning we can all make time for breakfast. Give it a try-once you start, you’ll wonder how you did without it all these years.
  • Have emergency foods on hand at all times: these include foods that are crunchy with sweetness: carrot sticks, apples and nuts fit this category.
  • Get a good night’s rest! Lack of sleep leads to craving carbohydrates. It makes sense-have you ever had a sleepless night only to wonder why you’re wanting all your favorite comfort foods the next day?
  • Automate breakfast and lunch: have the same thing every day or the same group of things. Take away the choices and you won’t want one of everything.

Hope you learned something new!

-TTF Staff

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