How Dangerous is Cookie Dough?

The USDA is warning Americans not to consume raw cookie dough. Here is the tweet that came out on “National Homemade Cookie Day” a few months ago:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This is a blow to millions of kids who anticipate the celebratory licking of utensils as mom (or dad) is placing cookie sheets into the oven. OK, it’s a blow to adults as well!

Just how dangerous are raw eggs?

This is a tricky question. Raw eggs are usually no problem at all, unless they become contaminated with Salmonella. In such rare cases, heating the eggs kills off the salmonella bacteria and the egg is safe to eat. The USDA is recommending a precaution, especially if pregnant women and young children are planning to consume the cookie dough.

If you are still bent on a cookie dough fix, you may want to purchase pasteurized eggs. These eggs are raw, but have been treated by low heat (so that the egg white won’t congeal) for a prolonged period of time. Commercially sold mayonnaise is made with such eggs too.

Are you a cookie (dough) monster?

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