Client of the month Tracy Herand

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How has your trainer benefited your life/health?

I had never been a consistent exerciser and working with Ray has taught me that fitness can actually be fun, especially when playing Party Favorites on the radio!    Ray mixes up my workouts, often introduces new exercises, and keeps me motivated to keep coming back each week.  I have been working with Ray for almost 2 years, now.


What were your initials goals?

My inspiration to start working out with Ray was my upcoming wedding.  I wanted to look good then, and want to keep that up.  I am approaching my one year anniversary and am continuing to focus on my weight, my strength, and my overall fitness level.  It was a great compliment on my wedding day when a good friend, who is a marathon runner and former Navy officer said to his wife, “Wow!  Tracy’s arms are buff!”


Favorite exercise

Bench press. 


Favorite healthy meal

Tilapia baked in a little olive oil and some Old Bay Seasoning.  Side of roasted asparagus.  Pinot grigio spritzer.  (hey, it’s a spritzer, that makes it healthy!) 


What I have to say to others

If I have learned one thing about myself over the years, I don’t have the self-discipline to get into the gym on a consistent basis.  I need external motivation to do it and I get that in 2 ways; the first is from Ray motivating me and the second is from my wallet.  Hands down, having a personal trainer is the best money I spend.  I have fun and it’s good for me.  It will keep me alive longer, healthier,and happier and that’s worth every penny.  



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