Client of the month


Nicole Stenquist

I walked into the Training Floor last November after having driven past it a
million times as I live right around the corner.  I finally made the
decision to make some time for myself and thought a personal trainer was the
way to go.  My goal was to commit to something that would keep me healthy
and give me the inner & outer strength that I think I need right now in my
life.  I met with Cat Heitz and have been with her ever since.  She is a
huge part of my life and has made me believe that anything I put my mind to
I can accomplish. Cat is tough and has high expectations for me but she is
right by my side the entire way in a very professional and friendly manner.
I don’t want to let her down so that drives me to work harder each session.
My favorite exercises would definitely be anything for the upper body…love
to box and TRX is pretty cool.  Least favorites are jump squats and sprints,
no doubt.  My favorite meal would be some type of seafood with grilled
vegetables and rice or chicken Caesar salad and of course Baskin Robins
Pralines & Cream ice cream!

I think people have a misconception that personal trainers are very
expensive.  The Training Floor offers many different ways to train and I
would tell anyone who is looking for a “home” to come in and try it.  Best
thing I ever did for myself. J

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