Client Of The Month

Brenda De Gruttolla

Brenda has been taking beginner kettlebell and personal training for about 4 months.

She has shown huge results as her body has began to transform. Brenda originally started taking classes and wanted to try something different. I  got her into 1/2 hour kettlebell training 4 months ago since then she is taking beginner kettlebell classes twice a week and does tandem personal training on Saturdays.

How long have you been training?

Almost a year

 How has training benefitted your life/health?

I have more energy when chasing after my son and I’ve noticed that most of my post-pregnancy flab is now toned. I am much more motivated to get out and take part in things I would have never done before. In two months I’ll help raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis by racing up 66 flights of stairs at the Rockefeller Center. Before I started working out I would have laughed at the thought and now I’m so excited!

 What were your initial goals and how’s training gotten you progressing toward them?

My initial goal was to get off the couch and stop being so lazy!  When I took my first boot camp class and couldn’t get through the warm up, I realized just how out of shape I was. I try to set small goals for myself with every class and training session I take (a couple more push-up’s then yesterday, a little more weight then before).

What’s your favorite exercise to do with your trainer? I love working out with kettlebells, its amazing to see how fast you get results with them. Jump squats on the TRX are fun and believe it or not Froggers on the val slides are not that bad.
What’s your favorite meal?

HA! I LOVE all different types of food so I don’t have a favorite meal. Eating healthier is one of the things I look to work on in 2010. 
What would you say to people about the training floor or who never have had a personal trainer and are considering one? Having that one on one time with a trainer will get you the results you want faster. They help push you past your comfort level, and you get someone who is focused on you and only you as opposed to being another person in a big class. The best thing about the Training Floor is that you are not a client, you are family 🙂

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