Client of the Month

Sept com 003Client of the month


Stephanie Argyropouios


How long have you been training? 3 months 


How has training benefitted your life/health?

I’ve learned that working out and eating healthy is not a temporary thing it really is a life style change.
What were your initial goals and how’s training gotten you progressing toward them? My initial goal was simply to lose weight, not only have I lost the weight, not only have I lost the weight I wanted to but I feel healthier and have more energy.

What’s your favorite exercise to do with your trainer? TRX pulls

what’s your favorite meal?
Salmon, banned potato spinach
What would you say to people about the training floor or who never have had a personal trainer and are considering one?

I would highly recommend it if person is ready to change their lifestyle. I have only good things to say about my experience.





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