Client of the Month


Jimmy Quinn is a freshman Lacrosse player at Darien High school.

I met Jimmy Quinn and his dad Jimmy senior about 4 months ago. His dad had heard about The Training Floor from Kelly Vegliante who is a client of mine and the assistant coach of the Darien girl’s field Hockey team. Jimmy sr had seen the video of us training the girl’s team and wanted the same thing for his son. He expressed that his son was a freshman who was plagued by injury ever since the 6th grade and even had to miss most of his 8th grade season because of a serious ankle injury. This meant a great deal to me because Jimmy’s situation was exactly the type of training that we focus on (injury prevention in young athletes). Since that day I have been training young Q and father big Q 2 to 3 days a week.

I am proud to say that Q has returned to Lacrosse and has successfully earned his way onto a starting position with the freshman squad.

  • Injury free
  • No surgery
  • Stronger and Faster
  • Trains 2-3 times a week with us

His dad is training hard and gearing up for the day when I will match the 2 up for the ultimate father son training session.

Thanks guys for believing in The Training Floor



What’s Your Workout?  Does It Change?

Exercising is one of the most important activities you can do for your health. However, just as your diet, variety is the key. It’s important to vary your exercise routine in order to get the absolute best results. 

Your muscles simply get used to the same activity and they require a level of muscle confusion if they are to continue to improve and grow stronger.

I’ve been exercising for over 40 years, but for much of it I focused on running, or cardio exercise. While this is an important type, there are others that are equally if not more important, namely strength training, developing your core muscles, and interval training.

Last year, in fact, I hired a personal trainer twice a week and have been learning a large variety of exercises which provide total body fitness and do not involve running or, for that matter, the use of any significant equipment. Simply by changing up your routine often, you challenge your body in different ways, work different muscle groups and get the best overall conditioning effect.

I actually had my trainer use my digital camera to take short clips of me doing the exercises so I now have close to 150 video clips of different exercises that I can use to vary my regimen. I will typically do about 15 of them during a session.

Although I highly recommend finding a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, if you cannot afford it or live in an area without access to one, you can still reap the benefits of exercise if you focus on varying your routine.

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