Client of the month

Jennifer Gambardella


Jennifer Gambardella
Age: 29

How long have you been training with Ray?
1 year.

How has your training benefitted your life?

I have been training with Ray for a little over a year and training has benefitted my life in so many ways.  I always “worked out”  but never really realized what a true workout was until I came to The Training Floor.  I remember my entire body was shaking after my first workout but I felt amazing.
What were your initial goals and how has training gotten you progressing toward them?

My initial goal was to lose weight.  In college I weighed over 200 pounds and took about 50 pounds off, but over the last few years I lost focus and gained some of it back.  Today, I have lost weight, and toned my body. I have trained for half-marathon and triathlons.  I am currently, training for a full marathon which is something I never would have dreamed of attempting.

What is your favorite exercise?

I love lunges and squats because I can feel them working. I also love dips and pull ups because they make me feel strong.

What would you say to others that have never has a personal trainer or may be considering one?

Having a personal trainer is the best way to stay focused on your goals. Ray has kept me motivated and pushed me beyond my limits.  He helped me get my nutrition on track and make me believe that I could do anything.

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