Bulletproof Coffee – Miracle Diet Elixir or Marketing Fraud?

One of the biggest nutrition fads in recent years is Bulletproof Coffee. A silicon valley entrepreneur by the name of Dave Asprey started the “Bulletproof” program after

“spending two decades and over $300,000 to hack his own biology. Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his brain by more than 20 IQ points, and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time”


The most popular product being sold by the Bulletproof company is its namesake coffee, which is made by combining coffee from magic beans with 2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter and 2 tablespoons of MCTs (a type of highly refined coconut oil) in a blender. Having this for breakfast can supposedly hold a person at least until lunch, with no additional calories consumed.

Interest in this product peaked earlier this year, with millions of people trying their luck to see if they too could lose weight without having to work too hard.

Since there is no clinical trial proving (or disproving) the efficacy of bulletproof, we can only state the following points for you to consider:
* The concept behind Bulletproof coffee is based on the statistical results of an experiment with exactly one participant (Osprey himself). Confounding factors include various performance enhancing drugs that Osprey took for over 8 years while “inventing” Bulletproof coffee.
* A serving of Bulletproof coffee has 400-500 calories, almost all from saturated fats! While a bit of saturated fat in the diet is OK, here we are talking about twice the recommended daily amount, just in one cup of coffee!
* Bulletproof wants you to give up breakfast. That’s not a good idea. A proper breakfast provides you with a balance of proteins, fiber and fats, as well as many vitamins and minerals not available in butter and coffee.
* While some people may react well to bulletproof coffee, others may experience a sharp rise in their blood cholesterol levels. This is unhealthy.
* MCT oils are costly and don’t necessarily help people feel more satiated compared to other fats.
* Consuming 3 to 5 cups of black coffee a day – without added butter or sugars – seems to have no adverse health effect, and is even correlated with a longer lifespan.

So, is Bulletproof Coffee a scam?
You decide…

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