Are You Training Smart?


I had a client this week who was confused about why she wasn’t seeing progress with her body.  She was eating clean and working out every day.

Do you remember this guy?

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He trained 5-6 days a week, up until the week of his show.

His last 4 days before the show he rested his body to get

the full results of his training!

 Training smart DOES NOT mean spending hours in the gym!  Overtraining can stop muscle growth and make you feel terrible.  The TRUTH is muscles grow during rest, not during training.  If you don’t give your muscles adequate time to recover you are interfering with the muscle building process.

What about my “problem areas?” The TRUTH is you can’t spot train, doing total body training will do the trick!  Strength training will allow your body to continue to burn calories long after your workout!

“No Pain, No Gain”? The TRUTH is your body should not be in pain after workouts. 

Did you forget to stretch? Stretching lengthens over used muscles and strengthens underused muscles.  It helps improve flexibility, blood flow, and range of motion. STRETCHING has benefits for your entire body and can be done in yoga, pilates, or on its own!

-Ray Boyd

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