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Q: How do you know when its REALLY time to have a cheat meal in a diet?

A: First, we should all eat generally healthy and have a well balanced diet. This could vary depending on the person. For example: how fast their metabolism is, age, activity levels, and goals.

          If your exercise and activity is high, your already in good shape, and maintain a healthy diet? You can probably have more “cheat meals” than others. Spread out in moderation of course. It all depends on your body. could be 1-2 times per week.

          If you are trying to lose weight you should probably keep it minimal to 1 meal a week. Even 1 every 2 weeks untill you are close or have reached your goal.  Definitely treat your self every now and then. Neglecting can lead to bringing. Which you really don’t want. Unless you don’t care for pizza, burgers, sweets, etc. Which is usually never the case.

So stick  to a healthy diet and reward yourself once in a while for good progress towards your goals.

Q: I keep reading things about the “after burn effect” what exactly does that mean? and what workouts provide the most?

A: The Afterburn Effect is when your done exercising your body is actually still burning calories when doing nothing. Great! Isnt it? 🙂 Exercise Scientists call it “excess post- exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.

        Depending on how long or the intensity of your workout will decide how effective the “afterbutn” is. So the more intense the more your body will burn calories after a workout.

             basically, if you work out @ The Training Floor? the more you’ll get out of the afterburn. 🙂

    Thank you for your questions and reading our Blog. glad we can help.

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