Access Membership

Here’s what you will receive:

  • All Classes on the schedule
  • Once a week SPECIALIZED training session with 3-4 people
  • You can now choose a more goal specific workouts
  • Boxing – Kettlebells – Strength- Spin – Circuit Training)
  • More flexible training times to Train (6am, 6:30am, 7am, 8 am and evenings…)
The Benefits of the Access Membership:
  • You will reach your fitness goals faster working in smaller groups
  • Your motivation will increase working in smaller groups
  • More flexible times to train
Still not convinced? Here’s the cost break down
 Current small group training is 3 people/$45 or 4 people $40 per person per session.
We are offering 4 sessions per month for the a small increase in your membership.
As a loyal member your price will never go up.
Access Membership: Your Special Price:
$215 per month, (Unlimited Classes+  small group training once a  week)
     Do the numbers–  ($11.50 -$18.75 per training session)
New Member:2019
$235 per month (Unlimited Classes + small group training once a  week)
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