A subject for the female audiences

Many times as a trainer I have been asked how and if exercise affect your menstruation?
We all already know that working out regularly affects your body in positive ways; it keeps your body healthy, your muscles strong and flexible and even lets you have a better night sleep.

What happens when once a month our friend stops in for a weeks visit and inconveniences us with cravings, bloating, fatigue, and even cramps and nausea. A lot of times it is easier to pig out and sleep in then motivate ourselves to get into the gym.

Did you know exercise can help you when you are going through this week of misery?

Exercise is shown to actually alleviate cramps and bloating; and with the endorphin release can help get the blood flowing to rid of any headaches or mood swings. Many times keeping to your workout routine will also help you stay away from those unruly cravings. Leave the baggage behind- let your friend come but not over run your life for a week. Stick to your routines and stay in the gym- know your body and help it!

If you ever have a fitness question and or wonder on how fitness can affect your body and it’s many functions always feel free to ask a trainer!

-Cat Heitz

The Training Floor Staff

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