7 Mind Tricks To Eat Less

Rule number one for weight loss is to eat less calories than you burn. Obviously, this is easier said than done. We’d like to present you with a short list of tricks to help you consume less.

1. start every meal and snack with a glass or two of water. In some cases, the brain misinterprets thirst as hunger, so this habit will help you avoid eating when not necessary. In all cases, having some water sloshing in your stomach means less room for food.

2. Eat from healthiest first to least healthy last. For example, start your meal with a large salad, and only then have your high calorie entree or side.

3. Teach yourself to eat more slowly. Put down the fork and knife after each bite. Chew properly. Do not pick up the utensils until you have completely finished the bite.

4. Slow down by savoring the flavor during the first 5 bites. After your first bite – count to 10 before taking another bite. Repeat for the next few bites too.

5. Use small plates when serving yourself food. As silly as it may sound, you will put less food on the plate!

6. Plate your meal in the kitchen, but eat in the dining room. This way, you won’t be able to easily reach for seconds in a serving dish on the dining room table. Getting up for seconds is more challenging.

7. Hide your snacks. Don’t make it easy to open a package of potato chips or chocolate on a whim. Place them in the attic, garage, or somewhere else far from the kitchen. Better yet, buy less to begin with.

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