6 Weeks Unlimited Classes

6 Weeks of unlimited classes at The Training Floor .
Now is your chance to get that flawless body you’ve always wanted, If you feel you’ve already achieved it then this is a great way to maintain it.
We are offering a 6 week unlimited class package for new members that has a money back guarantee on your body. That’s right if you feel you took advantage of our classes for 6 week’s and did not get the results you wanted then your money will be fully refunded.
Current members are also qualified to receive this 6 weeks of unlimited classes for $199 or if they refer someone who joins our 6 week promotion your cost for six weeks is $149. If you are part of .

Our classes are proven to shape , tone and cut that excess weight in those unwanted areas. 6 weeks of 8 different kinds of workouts.
1. Boot Camp
2. Kettlebell
3. TRX
4. Cardio Boxing
5. Butts and Guts
6. Spin
7. Tabata/HIIT
8. Stretch & Strength
All classes are offered at different times. Please check our class schedule
Offer Expires Saturday September 30, 2015
Total price for 6 weeks $149 for new members and $199 for existing…

Unlimited Classes