6 Tips to BE GREAT and Become a Champion:

 By Todd Durkin

1.Be relentless in your conditioning. You MUST be in great shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nourish yourself in all these areas and you will think like a champion and BE a champion.

2.EAT like a champion. Get rid of any garbage your feeding yourself. No “white stuff.” Eliminate the sugars in your diet. And fuel yourself with food and drink that will allow you to operate at “Greatness” level. You know what you need to do. Now EAT IT!

3.Get your mind right. Master your mindset. Read inspirational material. Be careful of who you spend time with, what you read, and what you watch. ALL of it influences your brain and HOW you think. You must protect your mindset and cultivate it with nothing but “great” thoughts, ideas, and affirmations.

4.Be a great learner. Champions NEVER stop learning. Each and every performance is a learning opportunity. It is said that, “Earners are learners.” Learn something everyday and have the mindset of “1% BETTER EVERYDAY!!”

5.Overcome failure. There will be setbacks. There will be obstacles and challenges that you face. And some seem insurmountable. But God will never give us anything that we can’t handle.


5.Champions are tough. They are resilient. They bounce back. They keep fighting. They remember their best practices. They get “back on the horse” when they fall off and remember the first 4 tips above.

Champions BELIEVE. They believe they are destined for greatness…even when sometimes it doesn’t seem possible. They choose faith over fear and and champion their mindset and actions to become what they ultimately desire. Champions harness the mindset of “what the mind can BELIEVE…YOU can ACHIEVE.”

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