30 Day Kettlebell Challenge

What is the 30 day Kettlebell Challenge?
The 30 day challenge is designed to transform your body and your mid into a different state of exercising. Using kettlebells can be a total different feel for most of you. The results you get from kettlebell training are unmatched. I have designed 30 workouts that if properly followed will help transform your fitness level. What I mean is not only will you increase strength and stamina you will also look at your old workouts very differently. Each of you are at a different fitness pace, so when doing the 30 day challenge you have go at your pace. The more challenging you make your workouts by adding weight and reps, the better the results.
What do you need for the challenge?
1. first you need to subscribe for my youtube page Ray Boyd (all videos and info will be private)
2.A swing Kettlebell and a kettlebell you can comfortably hold over your head and walk.
3. You will have a different workout everyday. So please do not miss a day or you will not get the full benefits of the challenge.

What should you expect to happened within the 30 days?
1. expect strength and cardio to increase tremendously( if you follow the 30 days exactly)
2. Learn more about Russian Kettlebells
3.Become addicted to Kettlebell training
4. Receive results.
Ok! If your with me start by going to youtbe.com and subscribing to thetrainingfloor346.
See you Friday May1

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