1 year anniversary


Tuesday am Stacey walked in for her 5am session and surprised me with the fact that, that day was our 1 year training anniversary!

1 year later Stacey has found herself still under the wrath of Cat. 🙂

I asked her a few questions in hopes she would share her experience with everyone and here’s what she had to say!

What has changed from one year ago?

1) Confidence and willingness to push the limits. I approach my work
outs and other physical activity (like carrying both kids up the stairs
at the same time or moving a piece of furniture) with a “can do”
attitude. Not only am I physically stronger, but I am more willing to
trust my body when taking on a challenge – it knows what to do, I just
have to tell it what to do.

2) I am probably 5 pounds lighter and 1-2 sizes smaller and feel
extremely agile and mobile on my feet. I can jump around with my kids
without getting light headed or winded and I can run around with my dog
without breaking a sweat. I just feel better over all – in or out of the
gym. My energy levels are at an all time high.

3) I crave my work outs. My body feels much better when I work out and
if more than a day goes by without a work out or a run, I start to feel
tired and soft. I am happier on the days that I work out, even though I
have to get up at 4:30am. A year ago I would never worked out before
10am with the lame excuse that I don’t have enough energy that early and
that my body does better in the evening. I have completely blown away
that theory. You can teach your body new tricks!!

4) I eat much better now. Having said that, I always ate pretty well,
but in the past 6 months I have fine tuned my diet to include whole
grains, fiber, less sugars and more protein. I read all the labels and
try to get the best version of whatever I am buying. I am always
satisfied and rarely feel the need to overindulged. When I do eat
chocolate cake or ice cream, it takes so good at first and then quickly
I feel full and sick. My favorite healthy meal is grilled chicken with
steamed vegetables and brown rice.

How has your training experience been here at TTF?

My training experience has been excellent. I was very nervous at first,
but you knew how to work me up to new levels and to keep pushing without
over doing it – ok, some times you over did it and I couldn’t walk for
days…but that was 11 months ago! You know me and can get the best out
of me. When I run on my own and start to get tired, your voice in my
head keeps me going.

Favorite exercises? Least fav? Hardest?

My favorite exercise, that’s a hard one. I love the challenge of the
monkey bars – it makes me feel like a kid. I also like doing Burpee Push
Ups with a press on the Bosu – I know that is odd!! I think Ninja Get
Ups are the easiest (even with a jump) and could do them forever (ut oh
– I know what you are going to have me do next week!!). My least
favorite exercises…reverse Spider Mans and Pulls on the Trx.


I love the classes and how everyone is so supportive, yet at the same
time we are seem to push each other harder. I also love my sessions
where we can do things that are just right for my needs.

Anything else to share with the community?

The only problem now is that my husband and I fight over who gets to
work out in the morning or at night and who watches the kids!!


Stacey you are looking great and are truly an example of a superstar here at TTF. Thanks again, keep up the hard work!

Happy anniversary!!


-Trainer Cat Heitz

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