“Pan Seared Scallops Over Spinach”

I Love this meal. Its FAST and EASY. High in protein and very low in carbs. Great for a nice Summertime dinner.

Here’s whats needed (serves 4)

1 lb large scallops
10-12 oz baby spinach
2 garlic cloves(minced) or garlic powder
fresh ground pepper
sea salt if needed
cheap white wine
Olive oil


1. Toss garlic in large pan on high heat untill softens. About 1 min. Add white wine to cover just the bottom of pan. Keep scraping pan while wine cooks down.

2. Put Scallops in pan and sprinkle with pepper and salt if needed to taste. Sear till golden brown on both sides.

3. Take scallops out and put over bed of baby spinach.

4. On med-high heat fill pan half way with white wine. Heat till steams. about 3-4 min.

5. Poor wine over scallops and spinach. spinach will slightly melt down then sprinkle with olive oil and ready to eat.

cooking time about 15 min

By George Kitmiridis


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