No Eggs This week

As we close in with just 5 weeks left, George looks great. 6% body fat and 184lb he has put on more muscles than his shows in the past. The goal is to hold on to as much lean muscle as possible for the show. Holding on to lean muscle a is  huge challenge for him because of the speed of his metabolism and the fact that he is all natural. Our workouts are pretty much slow movement exercise to recruit more muscle fibers. His greatest transformations have come from our 20 minute poising sessions.

This week I am going to get a sneak peak at show time! I am going to sodium deplete him up until Thursday by then I should have a pretty good idea of his exact weight and size for the show.

No eggs, no milk until Friday. His diet consists of plain grilled chicken and fish. (few carbs)

Almost showtime and he is doing well.

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