For many of us, it’s hard to say “thank you” and accept positive feedback when we get a compliment on our appearance or weight loss.  Thinking negatively is a habit that we may have practiced frequently over the years.  It’s important that we learn to recognize that we’re having negative thoughts and find ways to counter them.

Sometimes we discount the positive for fear that it might “jinx” our progress.  We talked about harnessing the power of positive actions and thoughts to propel us forward.
So often we use words like “should” or “must” that perpetuate all-or-nothing thinking.  Planning in advance can help us stay on track.  What can help us is to learn to embrace flexibility and know that we can bounce back when things don’t know as planned.
The next time negative thoughts come to mind, ask yourself:  How could I look at this in a more positive or at least neutral light?  Remind yourself of the challenges you’ve handled well in the past.  You can ace this too!

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