Garlic for Weight loss?

Garlic is potent, and we’re not talking just about its flavor. Responsible for its pungent smell is a compound called allicin. It is also responsible for garlic’s many health benefits:

* reducing blood pressure
* increasing good blood cholesterol (HDL)
* boosting immune functions

In rat studies, allicin intake was found to be helpful in preventing weight gain in subjects on a high fructose diet, compared to a control group. Can garlic help people lose weight? Probably not on its own. However, it is an amazing vegetable/spice that every pantry should have.

When buying garlic, look for firm heads, that don’t give in when squeezed. If there are green sprouts at the tips of the clove, find another one. If you don’t want to get your hands smelly, frozen garlic puree cubes are a good option. They don’t taste as good as fresh garlic, unfortunately.

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