Chris Argyropoulos

Training for a bodybuilding show I have to say is one of the toughest things I have ever done. It takes a huge amount of time, dedication, sacrifice, and determination. A lot of mental and physical work. Everything has to be precise, diet and workouts. There is no days off. Even if your schedule is busy, you still have to eat the same amount of meals and find the time to get your workouts in. You also are limited to many  events you wanna do in your life.  I did it and I also inspired someone . This is where Chris Argyropoulos comes in.

Chris has trained for this bodybuilding show for about one year. In one year he increased a great amount of muscle and decreased body fat.  I put him on a 5500 cal diet and a 5 day a week weightlifting routine.

These are the results of Chris’s hard work and dedication:

2nd place teen class, 2nd place open bantam

Robert Fulton Natural bodybuilding competition

He finished 2nd in the teens INBF on Saturday

2nd in mens open Bantam weight INBF.

Nov 2009

After June 2010


Unlimited Classes